American Born Chinese go back to China

American Born Chinese go back to China

ABCs are American-Born Chinese: and since China has been economically booming in the last few years, more and more Chinese Americans decide to go back to China.

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TheCasao86 says:

or white? americans back in europe no?

TheCasao86 says:

yes hatred is universal i mean if you cancelled both the white and black races out you would still have massive racial tension? in the world

TheCasao86 says:

voces sao divididos entre? ser occidental e asiatico eh um dilema pra vces


E’ verdade. As vezes e’ paradoxo estar no meio, que as vezes e’ como o para o bem ou para o mal. Eu ja’ acostumado no Japao ate’ ensino as letras para japoneses que esquecem de como soletrar, e para mim e’ uma coisa de arte, aprendo mais facil que eles,? o mesmo acontece qdo estou no Brasil e sei mais do Brasil que muitos, por estar mais? interessado uma vez fora do pai’s. Com a idade se percebe que ja’ nao interessa a preferencia de ser, mais do que isso e’ o que eu sou.

ilovevideos0864 says:

Yes, and all? non-whites out of Europe.

theskyandstarsshine says:

the food looks good…?

Joy Wang says:

As an American I don’t think it’s a privilege to live under your parents house for free …it’s a trap to mediocracy?

Aaron Trust says:

Maybe she’s more attracted by Chinese guys cuz you know Chinese guys are much? better than White.

jxsilicon9 says:

Gene testing can link you to whatever African country and you can get possible? citizenship.

byoung4eva1 says:

Yeah, i hope to one day do that, but will i go get citizenship there, possibly not, because America is my home and where i grew up. It has it’s positives and? negatives, would i love to visit Africa some day, of course. But I don’t think anybody should be telling others to go back to their “homelands” if that’s the case almost everybody in the U.S. needs to pack their bags and leave.

Gatzlocke says:

And all Native Americans going? back to….Oh wait…

robert stillwell says:

I was born in the U.S. I am Chinese and I love China and its culture, history, etc., etc.,? etc.

Dan Paul says:

Lao Wai here, I spent 5 years in China and am? so grateful that I am an American.

Dan Paul says:

Way to go Joy! Fight the? power! American exceptionalism rules!

Su Sherwin says:

There’s a? calling to come back… that’s so beautiful

tristanauspride says:

all i see? is americans…

Toniitalian says:

It won’t be too long before she gets desperate to return to the USA. The? main reason the out of control industrial pollution in China!

aliceinotakuland says:

0.o? What happened at the end?


lol orange? air

TheCasao86 says:

you should? its your homeland

TheCasao86 says:

if that happened America would be a nicer place?

byoung4eva1 says:

Yeah, probably, becuz no one would be here. Well, maybe the natives, it is their rightful homeland.?

TheCasao86 says:


bee c says:

To be honest, I? want to go back to China not because of fame, fortune, identity, or anything. I just want to take my part in completing the ???.

cbradley1391 says:

the natives migrated there from asia over a land bridge? that connected alaska and russia some 30,000 years ago. they to are not “native”. nobody is native to anywere accept africa. thats were we ALL origionaly came from.

cbradley1391 says:

not to mention mexico, canada, and all of south america. all spaniards pretending to? be natives. accept canada of course.

byoung4eva1 says:

Whoever was in America first has a right to stay there,? i’m sure it had to be inhabited by someone

Chevron So says:

And don’t ever go back to China? then 🙂

Falamu445 says:

I’m Chinese, and even though I spent half my childhood in China, I can’t imagine myself staying there to work for the rest of my life.?

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