A Wise Woman On Your Side

A Wise Woman On Your Side

The holidays are especially difficult for families who are in contentious relationships, where there is abuse or a power struggle. Stressful family relationships get magnified as families spend more time together. The holidays seem to be a time where people involved in high conflict relationships reach their breaking point and things blow up.

I help families resolve issues around divorce, child custody, spousal maintenance, and division of property. I meet and interview potential clients to determine whether we are a good match. When hiring an attorney, it is important to chose someone who not only has the legal skills, but can understand your family relationships, family culture, background, values, and long term goals. You will need more legal protection in some areas than others.

When someone calls the office, they are asked to provide basic contact information and if there is a court deadline they are trying to meet. This lets us know whether they need to meet with me right away. If we have no conflict in taking the case, we then schedule them for a consultation. By the time our first meeting is over, I will know the underlying conflicts and will decide whether to jump in the ring with you. If an attorney-client relationship is created, you will have no doubt I will be on your side…

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