A message to Asian Americans

A message to Asian Americans

An Asian American actress (Grace Rowe) makes a plea for other Asian Americans to join her fight in Hollywood. http://igg.me/at/virtually.

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Si Guy says:

I’d love to help but the reality is, if you are asian and aspire to be an
actor, you would have better chance of success doing it in Asia. See
Daniel Wu, Edison Chen etc. Your chances are better even if your Chinese
is bad (see Daniel Wu speaking Cantonese).?

Larry Hoe says:

Thank you Grace!!!?

Pachi Moua says:

Thank you Grace! :)?

K Rowland says:

Great watch, that.?

Titus Chong says:

Great video! Very good points.?

racist medias says:

boycott Haolewood. don’t support sellout Asians like KKKen Jeong and
Quentin Lee. make more youtube videos!?

Janet Ma says:

Thank you Grace for such a great video. Can’t agree more as I am supporting
my 9 year old daughter in her acting/modeling career…?

batia0121 says:

Absolutely agree. We need more strong Asian male AND female characters in
the show biz. Especially male.?

kmj2000 says:

I’m not Asian and even I want more Asians in Hollywood. It’s so weird not
to have them on screen, especially in places where there are a lot of them
like New York City. I remember being hopeful when All American Girl came
out in the 90s, but it was short lived.?

Jimmy Lin says:

I’m Asian and I’m an Actor! Busting my chops as an extra currently but once
my package is complete, I will hit Hollywood hard!?

Eddy Pick up says:

Although I’m not Asian. It doesn’t hurt to do a protest. It’s a good way to
get attention from the Media and help stop negative stereotypes about Asian

African Americans did this with Martin Luther King Jr. which help beat
segregation in the South of America. Ghandi did this in India so it will
work for Asian Americans. Non-violence is the key to beating discrimination
in America.

“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded
by the oppressed.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.?

IIkingdomII says:

haha. I wanted to play in a band when I was in high school. Then my parents
attacked me with a butcher knife and beat me in the bathroom until I cried
and then forced me on the ground to apologize to them. I am a broken horse.
This asian is broken, but maybe you’ll find others.?

Jenni Chiu says:

This reminds me SO MUCH of my time in Hollywood – I was never Asian enough!
I finally left LA last year… not because I wanted to quit acting – for
much different family reasons. I’m in the Bay Area now… what are my
chances of becoming a film exec. in Northern Cali? ;)?

Grace Rowe says:

Thanks Titus!?

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