A Day Of An Asian American Woman

A Day Of An Asian American Woman

ok, for the last time, my dad isn’t a chick! they had to do a group project, and the group was made up of girls. So one had to play the father. get it? ok…

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darlined says:

awww the video was so awesome it almost brought a? tear to my eye…reminded me of how much parents sacrifice for their children. great job!

antjo says:

That is very touch my heart ….. T_T
Keep up the good? work

Itachiii says:

WHAT!? The parents are both FEMALE. “Mom, dad”


mancandy says:

the vid? was great

kaientai4 says:

Wow, that was a true vietnamesey video. Reminds me of San Jose.?

noir123 says:

I think I know the music who is it? By the way the video? was cool!!!!!

putmind says:

man…? its good video..

Animebicutie says:

Cool ass video! Go Pride. The kids are spoiled but it seems a little just for the video. From all my friends they MUST respect thier parents its apart of thier? culture.

bronzepattie says:

I love studying asian culture, it’s not my work, just a hobby, I love the way asian families live together and be a close-family. I think the mom is? adorable, but I couldn’t tell if dad was female or male, my eyes aren’t too good these days…either way, your family is sweet. So, give your mom a big hug and do something special for her one day like a day at a spa or something, she deserves it!

ted nguyen says:

kill your slut daughters if they date white losers niggers or beaners…viet pride?

gangstabunny94 says:

this is gay?

mike12jrw1111113 says:

…Hey….stfu. Sound so? gay….its unbarable.

Hong Nguyen says:

this was interesting… lmao. where is this video’s setting? because my vietnamese family don’t? run like this.

cuchuoichammuoi says:

Firstly,? the language is spoken is vietnamese 😀

Ry B says:

kill ted nguyen!lmao?

SemperSolus says:

wow if I spoke to my mom like that they would both kill me…that and my mom works at the nail salon all day…ever realize that many vietnamese women work in nail salons?? the vietnamese sounds kinda chopy.

psykhikdemon says:

i dont see why they cna;t help? their mother make dinner ….lasyness

turkeydragon says:

It’s true a slave killed her own baby when she escaped because she was afraid the little girl would suffer rape at the hands of her master like she did. and if you read mein kampf hitler in his own words expressed admiration for america’s handling of Native americans – possibly usingh it as a model for the final solution. chinese exclusion act controlled immigration quotas from non-european countries into america – if that’s not racial purity? assurance can you think of a better way to do it?

Skifu Sessy says:

its? viet

Skifu Sessy says:

what a nice thing to notice? I love my Jah

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