2018 Asian American Halloween Costume Wish List

2018 Asian American Halloween Costume Wish List

Pop culture costume suggestions from Asian America (and beyond)

It's official: these little kids win Halloween.

Dressed as your favorite characters from the hit movie Crazy Rich Asians — Araminta, Peik Lin, Rachel and Bernard — their costumes boast the lethal combination of hilarious, cute and culturally relevant. Posted on Instagram by Jessica Gueco Klein, the photos have even received a social media seal of approval from the stars of the movie themselves, including Awkwafina and Jimmy O. Yang, and director Jon M. Chu.

That's when you know you're having a cultural moment — when you've inspired a Halloween costume. When I was growing up, aside from a few notable exceptions, Asian American pop culture-inspired costumes were few and far between. I'm not talking about generic ninjas and stuff. But the past couple of years have given way to some pretty great costume-worthy Asian characters and icons.

Each Halloween, we run a reader-submitted costume gallery that has become a popular annual feature. Given the great pop culture options out there, here's a wish list of some of the costumes we'd love to see this year. Some of you creative and resourceful readers have already got it done. Please, send in your awesome, cute, spooky, fun and non-offensive Halloween costume photos (of course, they don't have to be on this list).

Send them in, and some of the photos will be updated here…

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