100+ AAPI orgs sign on to joint statement opposing Trump

100+ AAPI orgs sign on to joint statement opposing Trump

"This is not business as usual, and we will not engage in business-as-usual tactics and strategies."

Over a hundred Asian American and Pacific Islander organizations, from community action groups to national civil rights orgs, have come together and signed on to a joint statement to resist the Trump administration.

Just days into this nightmare presidency and Donald Trump is signing executive orders left and right that have millions of Americans legitimately fearing for their healthy, safety and civil rights. Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders cannot stand by idly as this shit show of democracy ruins real lives and communities.

"We stand at a critical juncture in world history," the statement reads. "The election of Donald Trump as president of the United States represents a direct threat to millions of people's safety and to the health of the planet. As Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders committed to equality, inclusion, and justice, we pledge to resist any efforts by President-Elect Trump's administration to target and exploit communities, to strip people of their fundamental rights and access to essential services, and to use rhetoric and policies that divide the American people and endanger the world."

The statement calls on all Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to join the movement, refuse to legitimize or normalize Trump's administration, stand up to increased hate violence, and reject any of the administration's strategies that attempt to use AAPI as a wedge against other communities of color, among other principles.

Here's the full statement:

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